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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  July 26, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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wind gusts and they were in the upper 50s. that was mainly in montgomery county where we saw a lot of damage, including the district, many downed trees and power lines. we are partly cloudy right now. we will have a fair amount of sunshine today. you will notice the unity this morning. that situation will improve as the temperatures rise to near 90 this afternoon. the humidity will be dropping. if that will give us fairly comfortable and pretty seasonable weather this afternoon. sunshine with lower humidity. looks like the hottest this week will be 93 on thursday. >> that is funny when we look at that as being good. northeast d.c. there are still several signals out. on 29 between fair lands and
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fairhaven, signals flashing. telemundo community college, the road is blocked close to the college parkway. now they say everything is quiet and open along rock creek park lake and beach drive. let's take you through springfield, virginia. 95 headlights are northbound out of newington to the beltway, looks good. back to you. >> thank you. more on the violent storms that lived through our area last night. two deaths are being blamed on them. this is evident across the region. under the thousands remain without power this morning. -- hundreds of thousands. live team coverage beginning with brianne carter at the forest glen metro station. >> a number of people are waking up to a lot of storm damage left behind. more than a hundred traffic signals are still out this morning, which could mean commuting chaos.
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at the foresthill metro station the power is back on. all across the area of the effects of this storm are being felt. on many roads in montgomery county this is the scene, trees toppled over, electric poles snapped after the vicious storm barreled through the region. >> they blow and all of a sudden they are parallel to the ground. wexford a tree fell on a minivan on rohde island avenue in college park and killed a woman. and a tree smashed into this rockersville house -- rockville house, but everyone made it out. >> it fell down to the floor and crushed the grand piano. >> the storm left hundreds of thousands in the dark. power problems will need commuter chaos in the morning. the forestmetro station was i
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wrote as well as several other stations affected. some amtrak passengers tried to get to union station were blocked a few hours because of a tree down over the tracks. we understand that more than 180,000 pepco customers are still without power this morning. we are hearing from pepco that it could be a number of days before all of the power is fully restored. montgomery county parks and recreation classes are cancelled for today. also from montgomery county, the public-school system is canceling all camp, academic programs, and some meals and recreation programs. 6-year-old boy has been killed after a tree fell on him. he was walking with his family outside of recreation center in
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sterling, va. when it happens. strong wind knocked down a large section of the tree, and that landed on the little boy. if he was taken to a local hospital will be later died. people in prince george's and montgomery counties will face water restrictions. this was announced because the severe weather knocked out power to the main plant in potomac. residents and businesses should conserve water and use only what is necessary. this picture was sent to us by a viewer. a crane collapsed at the waste transfer center in maryland. powerful wind toppled the giant grain. there are no reports of injury there. we moved to the district. the storms were just as destructive. erick kuehn stringen--hurricane strength winds. now we continue with live
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coverage from the district. >> in upper northwest d.c. we have an abundance of very old, large trees. a number of them could not withstand the power of yesterday's storms. on chevy chase parkway, you see one of those large trees lying across the road. look at all of the power lines. a lot of debris in the streets as well still this morning. you see another batch of power lines lying across this roadway. in this neighborhood this morning there is not a lot of activity or electricity. this condominium building has a lot of open windows. we assume they are keeping the windows opening because the air- conditioning is not working this morning. we have not seen any power crews or repair crews clearin or clues clearing things away.
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people are anxious to get their electricity back on as well so that they can fire of the air- conditioning units. so far this morning, no activity there. before the storms hit our region, it was beneath that was a problem. six people were taken to a hospital after being overcome by heat during the boy scouts centennial parade in northwest washington. paramedics evacuate -- evaluated more than 100 people and emergency crews brought in extra equipment to cool people off. investigators are trying to determine how a car smashed into a house in southeast. that happened overnight in the 700 block of -- rd. there's no word on whether anyone was injured. 73 degrees outside. when good morning washington returns, tens of thousands of classified you reports from the afghan war go on line. we will have the latest details.
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welcome back. we want to bring you live pictures we are getting from newschopper 7. this is in college park on cherry hill road, the seven springs apartment complex. there is severe damage to the roof either from the high winds or a tree limb. that is one of many scenes
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around the greater washington area that we are seeing more damage. we will hear from attadam caskey, after this. yesterday the cold front moved into the hot, humid, and unstable atmosphere, triggering the severe thunderstorms. we have partly cloudy conditions outside right now, 71 degrees in laurel. if clouds continuing to move out of the region. if we had an inch of rain in temple hills yesterday. wind gusts at 50 miles an hour or greater. it was an unfortunate situation for many of us yesterday, especially in montgomery county with the damage due to the storms. it is 71 in marlon tinnon. in arlington, 76.
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-- 71 in front royal. 89 is today's high temperature. noticeably less humid. 93 on thursday is the hottest this week. a lot of cleanup still underway. some signals may be darke if you travel in an area still struggling with outages. a structure fire closed the central avenue at queen anne ridge road. 450 at st. stephen's church road, that is closed with strong degree. loudoun county says be careful traveling but nine. signals are still in the dark. springfield traffic on 95. good on 395. 66 looks fine in manassas. looks good on 270 between 80 and germans down -- germantown. back to you.
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>> thank you. wall street preparing for another busy week of earnings. bp's embattled ceo is expected to be forced out. rob nelson has more in the "money scope report." there's a change of the top of bp. the company says there's no final decision made, but ceo tony hayward is widely expected to be ousted as early as today. he's been heavily criticized for his response to the oil spill in the gulf. he's expected to be replaced by american bob utley, leading the effort to clean up the gulf coast. hugo chavez is sending to cut off oil sales to the united states. the venezuelan president says he will do so if this country is attacked by neighboring colombia. the u.s. is the biggest buyer of a venezuelan oil. if he carries out the threat, it would be a big blow to his own country's economy. wall street is looking to keep its momentum going as
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corporate earnings season heats up. stocks surged last week, with the dow jones adding 226 points. profits are booming at some of the nation's biggest companies, sending garrett shares higher. eight out of 10 companies have beat expectations. burger king is looking to take a bite out of mcdonald's breakfast business. it's launching a kids breakfast meals starting today that would include an egg and cheese sandwich, apple slices, apple juice, and a toy. the fest would market is currently dominated by mcdonald's. leonardo dicaprio's will be held on to the top spot for the second straight week, earning another $43 million. that beat angelina jolie's new spy thriller. coming up on "good morning america", all with you like doing the job you love without leaving home?
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the experts show you how after your morning news. i'm rob nelson. 73 degrees at on this monday morning. when good morning washington continues, an incredible story out of arizona. a family planning the funeral for their dead teenager is given shocking news. that and more headlines across shocking news. that and more headlines across the nation, america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs.
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wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today. in our top stories on this monday morning, the white house is condemning an online whistle blower for releasing sensitive afghan war documents. web site "wikileaks" posted the u.s. military records on its website yesterday. the documents also describe u.s. fears that the pakistan's intelligence service was actually helping the taliban. but the guardians of the documents failed to
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provide a convincing smoking gun for such complicity. two u.s. sailors disappeared in afghanistan. they left their base friday without notifying afghan security forces in the area. the taliban says it killed one of the sellers and kidnapped another. big changes at bp could be in orix. the u.s. government official tells us the ceo tony hayward is on his way out. the bp board is scheduled to meet this week to discuss the matter. many gulf coast residents affected by the massive oil spill off say changing leadership will not make much difference. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. we begin with lisa baden in the traffic center. it is a busy day for you with all the closures and downed trees. that's true. you'll have to cooperate and be careful. police are doing what they can't most of the intersections to help you. they cannot cover everything.
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there are still cleaning up storm debris through montgomery county along 29, in the district are several signals out. northeast d.c. was targeted. 270 traffic at fatherly boulevard, looks great. interstate travel, but will travel moving in our favor. metrorail is on normal service systemwide. let's go to the weather center with adam caskey. this is a live look over the bay, a nice sunrise. it will get more comfortable. util the humidity and outside this morning. by this afternoon there will be big changes in humidity. it will be dropping and be much more comfortable. the cloud deck continues to push out of the region. cooler air is moving in and. it will be a pleasant monday. 79 in silver spring, 71 in manassas, 69 in brunswick, 74 in culpeper.
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dew points up to seven d two. that will change the route the day. -- dew points up to 72. it is 63 degrees in winchester, 67 in stephens city. let's go to the forecast for today. 90 degrees is the expected high temperature this afternoon. less humid, and 5-10, pushing it and the much more comfortable air throughout the day. as we go into the rest of the week, you'll notice good conditions. we are talking the hottest we should get is about 93 on thursday. that is it. we are not talking record- breaking heat this week. we are not talking 100 degrees. also, there's a chance of thunderstorms by thursday afternoon. as we get the humidity back to the region by wednesday and then thursday we have the chance of storms on today with another cold front moving through.
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they will not necessarily be severe, but there's a chance of scattered storms. something to keep an eye on. friday into sunday, mid to upper 80's for the high temperatures with lower humidity. some benefits from the cold front as well. back to you. >> thank you. this was a great weekend to get out of the need can't catch a movie. it was the dreamy new movie that was eating up the box office. >> think about. how did you get here? >> leonardo dicaprio's "inception "held on to the no. 1 spot. it's about a thief who sneaks into people's dreams to steal their secrets. it earned $43 million. the new spy thriller "salt "debuted in second place with $36 million. at no. 3 with $24 million was ""despicable me"." 73 degrees outside.
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a terrible case of mistaken identity after that crash involving a teenager. this incredible story from arizona is coming up. later today on abc 7, a controversial octuplets mom, nadya suleman, takes you through a day in her life at 4:00 and abc 7. we will be right back.
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medical marijuana will be a hot topic at a public meeting in the district today. an advisory neighborhood commission is asked to vote on recommendations on changes to the city council's adopted medical marijuana legislation their recommendations include an unofficial proposal and to establish a clinic in northwest. contact lenses are the top cause of medical device complications among children. that is the finding of a new study by the food and drug administration. 70,000 children get emergency room treatment each year for injuries and complications from medical devices. another common problems include infections from ear tubes, skin tears from pelvic exams for teenage girls. this past wednesday hundreds of people marched to capitol
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hill to celebrate the progress that is been made in civil rights. today's event will take place at 5:31 ordaz log on, the americans with disabilities act. a 19-year-old named atty was initially listed as having died at the scene of a crash on july 18. a friend of hers was listed as surviving. it turns out the card is mixed up their identities. her for a and was actually killed. she's in critical condition with a brain injury, a broken back, and a collapsed lung. >> we are sad. it is a miracle. we have more and all week. it's like a bad dream. we hope it will have a happy ending. >> she was in an suv with four friends returning from disneyland and the vehicle tire. the driver lost control and the truck rolled over several times.
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the arizona department of public safety plans to discuss the identification mistake today. coming up, we are continuing to monitor the storm damage. downed trees and downed power lines and the big cleanup today after yesterday's storm. i will have the latest for you in a moment. we are live in the letter sentret this morning tracking a shift in the weather pattern. the shift is for the better. i have good news for you t
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and our future. and if there were ever a time to stick with what works, now is it. the future has always been our business. and the future begins now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. i am scott thuman. powerful storms ripped through our area last night, leaving two dead and hundreds of thousands without power. it is monday, july 26. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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let's begin with adam caskey. looking at a nice shot across washington. much difference toward $12 ago. >> it is a different scene. there are areas of damage left over. -- much different than 12 hours ago. i have not seen anything from the national weather service saying that they're going to go out there, but i assume that they will. good nose, right now it is 77 in frederick, 76 in washington, 66 in gaithersburg, 66 in frederick. 77 in fredericksburg. temperatures will be near 90 today. the average height is 89. humidity will be dropping all day long due to the north wind. expect a lot of sunshine. if tomorrow, very comfortable,
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upper 80's. by wednesday and thursday, a low 90's for the high temperature. we're not talking record- breaking heat or 100 degrees. we are talking low 90's. that is the hottest it should get. cooling off friday into the weekend. lisa baden has been busy with traffic lights flashing. that's true. looks good rock creek park. looks good on beach drive and around the beltway. 70 has a crash eastbound near 17 myersville. looking at longwood drive, traffic cautiously making it through that intersection -- lockwood drive. that is 29 at lockwood, treating that as an four-way stop.
6:31 am
we are showing you video of an accident if that happens hours ago at new york avenue between north capitol street and first street northeast. mangled vehicles remain in the roadway. police are taking pictures and documented. new york avenue is not going to work. rohde island avenue is your best alternative. back to you. >> thank you. let's continue with the lingering effects of last night's powerful storms. two people were killed by falling trees. a child was hit by a tree branch in sterling. among the dead. hundreds of thousands remain without power. hundreds of traffic lights and businesses and houses. we begin live team coverage with brianne quartcarter. >> good morning. almost more than 200 arkansas outages for traffic signals at
6:32 am
montgomery county. a number of intersections are still in the dark. people are trying to get out this morning. that is just one of the obstacles people battling as they experience the storm damage left behind some yesterday storm. toppled trees and power lines down all across montgomery county. two deaths as well. a storm killed a woman in prince george's county of when a tree fell on her minivan on rohde island avenue in college park. also, a large tree crashed through our house in rockville. everyone got out ok. hundreds of thousands are still in the dark. pepco reported over 180,000 outages still today. people say they are still surprised by the storm that came through yesterday. along many roads in montgomery county, this is the scene, trees toppled over, electric poles snapped after the vicious storm.
6:33 am
>> the trees below and all of a sudden they are parallel to the ground. >> a tree fell on a minivan on bohen island avenue in college park, killing a woman. and a large tree crashed through this rockville house. everyone made it out ok. >> there was a person sitting there on the couch where the tree fell nearby. it pressed the grand piano. >-- crushed the grand piano. >> the forest glen metro station is back open flat after power problems forced it to close last night. several other metro stations were affected. last night trees on the tracks caused three hour delays for some amtrak passengers try to get to union station. ride-on service will be working this morning, but there could be delays because of sigel outages.
6:34 am
pepco officials tell us it could be a number of days before all of the power is restored. the storm's force winds snapped trees and power lines in a matter of minutes and forced the evacuation of the national mall. the national weather service will send teams of investigators to our area today to see if the damaging winds were a tornado. stephen tschida continues live team coverage from northwest washington. >> this is a real mess across the region. in north-northwest we have some very old, big trees lying across chevy chase parkway. it took down a lot of power lines as well and there's a lot of debris on the ground. a big cleanup for folks in this community. the storm hit fast, ripping rain and wild wind smack to the region with a one-two punch. some people had little time to prepare.
6:35 am
>> biggins gusts were picking up. we heard a big crash. >> that is the sound people across the region heard. it came from debris some of the time and other times it came from branches coming into buildings. the lights went at it. after weeks of working overtime, air-conditioning units are idle today. thousands of customers remain in the dark. some of them still stunned by the sudden storm. >> there were a bunch of trees nearby me. i started looking around like crazy. >> it lasted only minutes, but the message left behind could take days or weeks to completely clean up. a lot of people in this community are very anxious for the repair and cleanup crews. the street is closed off because of the debris and a downed tree. a number of people have no
6:36 am
lights and no air conditioning this morning. stephen tschida reporting. in th>> in the last hour we were joined by a wssc. now we are joined by karen clark billeblanc from the district. >> the biggest challenge at this point is the traffic signals. the majority of the large trees that has fallen that were impacting any of the major routes have been cleared away. there is still a lot of debris and large branches and downed wires in residential neighborhoods. but a major commuter route have been cleared. there are traffic signals still out. if that is a concern to people and to us as people travel during the morning rush hour.
6:37 am
>> is its difficulty now to put a time frame on how quickly this will be repaired? >> some of that depends on pepco. i know they have enormous outages and they have a lot of crews out working hard. we are coordinating with them. if a tree falls on a power line, we have to wait until pepco comes. it is a matter of patience. people will have to be patient. i don't think this will be cleared quickly. i think it will take a couple days. our biggest message to people as they come to an intersection where the power is out and the traffic signal is not working, treatment as a four-way stop. take your time, played for the people to go, then proceed cautiously through the intersection. >> that was a representative of vdot. thank you. it is 73 degrees outside, 6:37. when we continue, u.s. troops are on a desperate search to
6:38 am
find two of their own in eastern afghanistan. >> problems coming to light at arlington national cemetery, what an investigation has revealed about practices there. >> and the latest on the investigation into the person of interest in the infamous mother- daughter murders. >> newschopper 7 is live over crash at 29 where a signal is out. we will be back with the latest traffic and weather. we will be back with the latest traffic and weather.
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>> i am inviting everyone to come out this weekend to the biggest asian festival in the region. good morning, washington. monday morning, starting out to the new work week. there was an accidewidespread do another region yesterday. i have good news for this week. you're off to a lot of sunshine in frederick. the humidity is dropping. you'll notice the changes in the humidity. that will move rather rapidly away. dew points close to 70 when i woke up several hours ago. 76 carli now in arlington.
6:42 am
now to lisa baden. let's go to newschopper 7. i told you there was a crash on 29 is your traveling near silver spring where the signals are dark. left side of your screen is a wreck that should be southbound traffic. 29 at musgrove road. there's police direction through that area. new york avenue is closed in both directions as they documented between first street northeast and north capitol street. let's tell you that metrorail is on normal service systemwide. that is a good thing. back to you. >> thank you. 73 degrees outside, 6:42. exclusive details about congressm
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in our top stories, the taliban says that it has killed a u.s. sailor and kidnapped another. nato is ramping up a massive search for the servicemen. they disappeared on friday in eastern afghanistan. there are conflicting reports about whether the body of one of the two has been recovered. thousands of leads the u.s. military records offer a blow by blow account of six years of t fouthe afghan war. we will be right back. describes u.s. fears that pakistan's intelligence service was aiding the afghan insurgency -- web site "wikileaks" has
6:46 am
posted this. the u.s. and south korea are readying defenses after an attack that killed 46 sailors earlier this year. north korea has denied responsibility. issues affecting arlington national, the washington post reports the army has known about problems with the cemetery almost 20 years and has lost a number of investigations during that time. exclusive new details this morning about congressman charlie rangel. mike allen joins us now with this. great to have you. we are talking about exclusive reports you have always going on right now on what to do about the congressman. >> house democratic leaders are sending a message, that they want them to resolve the charges before thursday when this is
6:47 am
said to be announced. this could hurt candidates when they go out on august recess. they'd want to make an apology or do something so that it does not hang over them. if he does not get the hint, they say, then they are willing to go public and say that you have to get this over with, you are not going told the gavel over the ways and means committee again. he will be able to keep his job. a top aide told me that they like him but nobody is willing to lose their seats or chairmanship over him. >> there been a few bad weeks back-to-back for the democratic party. are there really is from what is going on? >> they are saying that they have had questions about robert gibbs and questions about
6:48 am
democrats tipping congress. they don't want another week like this or like last week with the agriculture secretary. they want a positive message for members to take out there into a tough environment. they don't want to go into a storm without a raincoat, which is what they say it will be like if they give republicans and other issues prior to elections. >> thank you. the oil disaster in the gulf could cost bp's ceo his job. bordallo reportedly caused him later today. tony hayward made people angry while vacationing on his yacht after the oil was floating through the gulf and by saying that he wanted his life back. if no final decision has been made on his future, but there was surprising reaction to that news. >> i think he said a lot of bad news, but all of us say things that we regret saying later. i feel sorry for him. >> meantime, crews have resumed
6:49 am
drilling relief wells. if all goes according to plan, the blown-out oilwell could be shut down within a week. we will find out tomorrow what caused last year's deadly crash on the metro red line. the ntsb will release its final report on the june, 2009 crash. officials say it will include recommendations for metro. -- it will include new safety recommendations. investigators have few clues in the death of a 19 year-old vanessa pham, found stabbed to death in her car on june 27. police have released surveillance video and handed out flyers. she was seen at a shopping center on gallows road just before her death. a grin jury may hand up and excitement this week in one of prince george's county controversial cases going on right now regarding mother and daughter murders.
6:50 am
a person of interest came to the attention of authorities after a secret hideout was found. atf agents raided an abandoned van janelle upper marlboro that the man allegedly used as a safe house. investigators were able to make the link between a man and the murders when they found evidence that the bodies of delores dewitt and daughter ebony had been stored and burned there. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. blue skies compared with yesterday? >> thankfully. it was a bad situation yesterday. the really dangerous. sad to see those two deaths happened with these thunderstorms. we are getting into more stable pattern and we are not talking record-breaking heat. 93 should be the hottest this week. that beats 103. >> exactly. >> of you scattered clouds over the bay, small craft
6:51 am
advisory. some clouds in laurel, 71 degrees with a northwesterly wind, dropping the dew point and humidity as well. 71 degrees in northern frederick county near the pennsylvania line. dew point of only 59 degree. the north wind is blowing the dryer less humid air from pennsylvania right now, so it will get continually more comfortable. if it already feels more comfortable now than a few hours ago. near 90 degrees for today's high temperature. partly cloudy tomorrow. a little ripple in the atmosphere will move over head. we anticipate maybe a few sprinkles out west over the mountains tomorrow, partly cloudy, for high temperatures in the upper 80's. 93 with a chance of storms on thursday will be the hottest this week. let's go to lisa baden. you have been busy.
6:52 am
new york avenue is closed because of an accident that happened overnight. we have video. if that's between first street nw and first street northeast, close in both directions. these vehicles remain on the road. they are taking pictures and documents in the crash. rhode island avenue and benning road and eighth street will work for you to get around that closure. newschopper 7 has a live picture of 29. stay to the left. there are traffic signals in the dark on 29 as well. we will be right
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good morning, washington. power outages all across the region. it is 6:55. it will be warm for a couple days for power companies as they tried to get the lights back on. let's get to lisa baden with what is shaking this monday morning. >> the traffic signals are going to be in the dark. that is what is happening. it's up to you treated as a four-way stop and be very careful. most of the major intersections around the region have been
6:56 am
cleared of major degree, but they have limited manpower. 270 southbound at old georgetown road, as a backup because of a minor crash on the shoulder. we have our share of issues. we have good news. lower humidity today, a comfortable. temperatures near average the next few days. 90 today, 88 tomorrow. the average height is 9 -- is 89. by wednesday and thursday the heat and humidity returns. not as intense as last week. 93 should be the hottest we get over the foreseeable future. we're not talking record breakers this week. chance of storms on thursday. we will have added humidity and heat them and another cold front coming through. back down to the mid to upper 80's with low humidity on the weekend. great numbers. >> that does it for us good
6:57 am
morning washington. more news at 7:22. "good morning america" is next. have a great day. "good morning america" is next. have a great day.
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